Update on The Mahaelian Chronicle

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. 🙂

As of a couple of days ago, both Betrayal’s Shadow and Conviction’s Pain are unavailable – I made the choice to request the reversion of my rights, and my publisher graciously agreed. The books have been unpublished on Kindle and Create Space, and the copies still showing as available are second-hand copies.

The reason I requested the return of my rights was because the books just weren’t selling. And I mean, perhaps one sale over the course of six months. There is absolutely no sense in a publisher continuing to list a book which doesn’t sell, and a writer also needs to recognize when a book is dead. Or perhaps un-dead – because I will be self-publishing both BS and CP at a later stage.

In any case, the books won’t be available for a while. There are some other things going on in the background, but until those things either become concrete or evaporate, I need to rethink my approach to marketing, advertising, whether new covers are needed, whether Facebook is at all helpful to a writer (I’m leaning towards an emphatic NO), etc. etc. I might even combine the novelettes with the novels. In any case, there is a lot for me to think about and decide. Until then I’ll continue to write short stories when the urge hits, and I’ve also got to finish my Space Opera take on The Tempest.

So, I’ll definitely continue to write. 🙂 And update you on the way forward for The Mahaelian Chronicle.

Until next time,