Published Work

Here is a list -constantly updated- of my published work:

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Short Stories:

Angel Song – published in ‘AfroSF – Science Fiction by African Writers Volume 1

Humanity is fighting a galaxy-wide war against immensely powerful beings, whom many consider to be Angels, sent by God to wipe out humanity and usher in the End of Days. One man comes closer than anyone else to piercing the mystery of these ‘angels’, but will he survive his battlefield encounter with the ‘angels’?

Twisted – published in ‘eFantasy: Volume 1, Issue 3

A little girl is skipping through the forest, headed towards the dreaded Grandmother – she will draw other to her in an effort to right a terrible wrong, and embark upon a quest that will reshape her strange world.

Torn – published in ‘eFantasy: Volume 1, Issue 4

Having dealt with one threat, the savage Little Girl and her companions now set their sights on their next target – but to succeed they will have to enlist the help of a brother and sister who suffered terribly after climbing a hill for a pail of water…

Birthday – published in eSciFi’s January 2103 Issue

The world is dangerously over-populated, and governments have instituted a desperate yet successful plan to deal with it…

The Bell – published in ‘A Forest of Dreams

The exploits of two unremarkable and oft-overlooked soldiers – when their leader invades and conquers a despotic sorcerer’s lands, they decide to take charge.

Taraab and Terror in Zanzibar – published in ‘African Monsters

A South African tokoloshe-hunter comes up against a threat so dire he might just have to reveal his secret to stay alive…

A Hand from the Depths – published in ‘Tales from the Lake Volume 3

A young boy is kidnapped and forced into a brutal life of slavery, but even he cannot predict what his fate will be…

Tokoloshe Tower – published in ‘This Twisted Earth’

In a world riven by shattered Time, Andy Strydom makes his way to what once was the business hub of the African continent -Johannesburg- hunting monsters and the truth.

Stalker – published in Ravenwood Quarterly’s 1st Issue, and can be ordered at this link.

A man stalks and murders victims across the city – but who are the murderers, and who is the victim?

Static – published in ‘The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories’

There’s a voice calling out to her from the static – a voice pleading for her help…

Exertion – published in ‘Bloody Parchment: Blue Honey and The Valley of Shadow

The path to revenge begins with death…


A Song of SacrificeA Mahaelian Chronicle Tale #1 – available on Amazon and at these online stores.

Thousands of years before the events of Betrayal’s Shadow, the Elvayn civilization is engulfed in a war which will consume two worlds.

The prequel of my first novel
The prequel of my first novel

A Song of Conflict – A Mahaelian Chronicle Tale #2 – available on Amazon and these online stores.

Three thousand years after the Seeds fled the Elvayn homeworld, the final conflict begins…

A Song of Conflict
Takes place concurrently with Conviction’s Pain








Podcasts I’ve appeared on:

Geek XP: In which I chat to the kickass folks at GeekXP (Les and Vittorio) about:

– the fun of Afrikaans voiceovers for Star Trek and other tv shows as a kid,
– my dabbling with Star Wars fan fiction,
– and the lessons I learned about the industry when trying to get my first book published, including how to adjust my writing style.
Plus we discuss the average number of regular readers in South Africa … and it’s disturbingly low.

The Grim Tidings Podcast with Rob Matheny and Philip Overby:

In the latest episode for The Writer’s Pit, we chat with author Dave de Burgh. During our conversation we discuss his debut fantasy novel Betrayal’s Shadow, including an exclusive reveal for the title of the next book in the Mahaelian Chronicle series. We also chat about the direction and fluidity of the Grimdark sub-genre, cracking the door open to truly imaginative fantasy fiction, setting yourself apart from other writers, the state of the publishing industry in South Africa in the midst of Apartheid, and much more. Authors discussed include Raymond E. Feist, Robert Jordan, John Gwynne, Steven Erikson, Lauren Beukes, Sarah Lotz, and Louis Greenberg.

The Round Table Podcast – with Dave Robison, Madeline Ashby and Lauren Scribe Harris:

In which a novel I’ll be writing is work-shopped – an awesome discussion in which I learned a helluva lot!

Guest Posts:

Seeds – An explanation of why the genre that pulled me into reading isn’t the genre that I love writing the most. (posted on Monique Snyman‘s website)

Spotlight – in which I talk a bit about “Betrayal’s Shadow” and why you should read it. 🙂 (posted on Karen Miller‘s website)

The Deaf – my article for Sarah Chorn’s ‘Strange Needs in Strange Worlds‘ series, in which I talk about the deaf community and how much they are excluded from everything. (posted on SF Signal‘s website)

Why is SFF Stifled in SA? – in which I show how the South African publishing industry excludes writers of SFF. (posted on Katherine Kirk‘s website)

Behind the Scenes – a bit of a primer for the tale, ‘Taraab and Terror in Zanzibar’ which I wrote for African Monsters. (Published on the Fox Spirit Books website)


World Building – published in the August Issue of Author’s Magazine.

A Bookseller’s Advice – Selling Your Book into Exclusive Books – published in the October issue of Author’s Magazine.

Your Publisher has Closed down; Now What? – published in the December issue of Author’s Magazine.

Series, Sagas and -Ologies – published in the February issue of Author’s Magazine.

The Perks of Being a Bookseller – published in the April issue of Author’s Magazine

Crowdfunding – published in the June issue of Author’s Magazine


‘A Little Infusion of Magic’ – published in Writers on Writing: Volume 1 (published by Crystal Lake Publishing)