Release Day! Conviction’s Pain – Book Two of The Mahaelian Chronicle

Hey everyone. 🙂 The day has arrived, and my second novel (which is two more than I once thought I’d ever be able to write) is available across Amazon. 🙂

Avidar and its people are reeling in the aftermath of a deadly attack.

Alun Dronald, now Lord General of Avidar’s armies, must contend with a murder investigation, political games, and growing religious fervour, while Del’Ahrid, seemingly the most powerful man in the kingdom, plans his next move.

Elsewhere, Brice Serholm serves an enigmatic, powerful being with direct ties to the growing conflict and its ancient roots, while Khyber, the only free Elvayn, makes a discovery which could put an end to millennia of war and strife.

The Mahaelian Chronicle continues.

And the true enemy will finally be revealed…

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If you’re one of those readers who hasn’t yet read my work, here’s the low-down:

A Song of Sacrifice is a prequel and takes place approximately three thousand years before the first novel, Betrayal’s Shadow; it’s a quick read, just over half an hour, and can be read either before BS or after it. 🙂 Click here to order your copies.

The beginning of a conflict which will change two worlds…

When Ordaefus, Song Priest of the Elvayn, discovers that his people are capable of a new, incredible ability, his brother, Mahaelal, believes that this new way is wrong – an affront to the very foundations upon which the Elvayn built their civilization.

And when war breaks out, both brothers must make a choice – do they fight to protect what they believe in, or surrender, and exchange freedom for restriction?

What choice do they have left, when all choices lead to destruction and death?

Betrayal’s Shadow is the first book of The Mahaelian Chronicle – where it all began. 🙂 Click here to order your copies – also available in hardcover and paperback.

My first novel, and the first in a trilogy.

Betrayal casts long shadows – none know this better than Brice Serholm.

As a decorated general in the kingdom’s elite Blade Knights, Brice had to overcome the taint of treason and betrayal to attain his rank. When Brice and a force of Knights are sent on a mission to investigate claims of rebellion in one of Avidar’s provinces, their ship is magically attacked, and the resulting investigation tests every oath Brice swore before his king.

Meanwhile, an inhuman infant escapes the capital’s Slave-Hold, the king’s mistress comes into possession of a unique dagger, and Del’Ahrid, the king’s most trusted First Advisor, begins to question everything he built his honour and life upon.

Events are in motion that will test every man, woman and child – and a conflict is coming that will shake the kingdom to its very foundations.

So begins the Mahaelian Chronicle.

A Song of Conflict is the second Mahaelian Chronicle Tale, and takes place concurrently with Conviction’s Pain – so spoilers abound for those who haven’t read Betrayal’s Shadow or Conviction’s Pain! Click here to order your copies.

Three thousand years have passed since the Seeds fled the Elvayn homeworld.

Elvayn society is strictly controlled by Mahaelal’s Disciples, and any dissent is punished with Judgement and death. But there is hope, in the form of a secret society called The Circle, and in the choices of Aedral, the son of a Disciple.

Ancient secrets will be revealed, and far-reaching choices must be made, even as two worlds teeter on the edge of total chaos.

And the Mahaelian Chronicle continues…

There we go, folks; everything you need to know. 🙂 If you do decide to give this South African writer a chance, I can only hope that you enjoy what you read. 🙂

Happy Book Birthday to me! 😀


A Song of Sacrifice – Kindle Countdown Deal

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. 🙂

Just wanted to let you all know that the prequel to Betrayal’s Shadow, A Song of Sacrifice, is on a Kindle Countdown Deal for the next two-and-a-bit days. 🙂

Song of Sac Master

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Release Day and ‘Static’

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. 🙂 Today is a damned cool day!

The first Mahaelian Chronicle Tale, ‘A Song of Sacrifice’ is officially available, so folks who’ve read Betrayal’s Shadow can now get a glimpse of the Elvayn, their culture and world thousands of years before the events in Betrayal’s Shadow. 🙂

In case you missed it, here’s the blurb:

The beginning of a conflict which will change two worlds…

When Ordaefus, Song Priest of the Elvayn, discovers that his people are capable of a new, incredible ability, his brother, Mahaelal, believes that this new way is wrong – an affront to the very foundations upon which the Elvayn built their civilization.

And when war breaks out, both brothers must make a choice – do they fight to protect what they believe in, or surrender, and exchange freedom for restriction?

What choice do they have left, when all choices lead to destruction and death?

And there’ve also been a couple of reviews on Goodreads:

Melissa Du Plessis: Admittedly I’m not the greatest fan of epic fantasy, but it never fails to thrill me when a story presents fresh and exciting ‘otherworld’ abilities in its characters. A Song of Sacrifice thrilled me silly!

Sergio Pereira: The perfect companion to ‘Betrayal’s Shadow’. Fascinating and entertaining read from de Burgh, who is quickly becoming South Africa’s next big epic fantasy author.

Hannah Strauss: A thoroughly enjoyable read that will have you on edge from start to finish!

Song of Sac Master


Here are the links to order, if you’d be so kickass. 😉…/…/…/…/ (for Nook, Kobo and iBooks)

And so, onto the next bit of news…


I’ve got a short story in this epic collection! 🙂 It’s called ‘Static’, and tells the tale of what begins to unfold when a woman hears voices in static… 😉 Here’s the full Table of Contents:

Foreword: A Word on Fear

Portfolio – A. H. Day

Dysfunctional – William F. Nolan

Playthings – Eugene Johnson

Beyond the Grave – Alex Marco

Three Twilight Zone Variations on a High School Reunion – Lou Antonelli

Sins of the Father – Mark Allan Gunnells

Cotton Face – Dan Weatherer

Disappearing in the Desert – Billie Sue Mosiman

It Knocks – Paul Longmate

The Eyes Have It – Tim Major

Boat Trip – David A. Riley

And the Woman Loved Her Cats – S. L. Edwards

Lacey – David Wellington

The Day the Leash Gave Way – Robert Clarke

The Door into Envy – Adrian Cole

Penelope’s Song – Samuel Marzioli

Government Work – Richard Farren Barber

Static – Dave-Brendon de Burgh

“Grave ‘Neath a Willow” – Alexander G. Tozzi

Trigger Fate – Lisa Morton

Coulrophila – Jason V. Brock

I am beyond excited to have a tale in this anthology, and I really looking forward to folks reading it – and to reading the anthology myself! 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on Goodreads’ listings, pre-orders, and all that jazz. 🙂 If you’re a writer, too, you might want to check out this announcement over at Tickety Boo Press… 😉 And the creepy, brilliant artwork was created by Holly Madew; she’s doing the cover art for Conviction’s Pain, and I’m extremely excited to share the cover with you, once it’s done. 🙂

Right, there we go – that’s my news for now. 🙂

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Excerpt: A Song of Sacrifice – A Mahaelian Chronicle Tale

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well. 🙂

Thanks for the great response regarding the announcement of the prequel’s pre-order going live – one thing that always puts a smile on my face is the amount of support we get (‘we’ meaning fellow writers) when we announce new work, and this was no exception. 🙂

For all you readers out there, I thought I’d post an excerpt for the novelette – as I’ve said before, this tale takes place on the Elvayn home world, thousands of years before the events of Betrayal’s Shadow. It’s a little something I wrote about two years ago because I wanted readers to know who the Elvayn were. I won’t spoil Betrayal’s Shadow for anyone, but suffice it to say that the Elvayn are drastically different in the novel. 😉

Okay, I’ll shut up now; here’s the excerpt:

Song of Sac Master

“What did you hope to gain?” Sorhael asked, settling herself onto the floor, limbs folding with a grace he had never ceased to admire. All Elvayn were beautiful to look upon, even those under the yoke of Mahaelal and his Wielders, but Sorhael seemed more deeply so.

He knew intimately the emotions that had sculpted her brows and the lines around her mouth, knew the light in her eyes as the empathy and resolve that had made her the best candidate for Conflict Singer. But more than that were aspects that Ordaefus knew only he could see — the way in which her form-accentuating seemed to brighten the inner radiance of her spirit; how she moved consciously and with simplistic beauty, placing her feet just so, moving her hands just so; her voice and the flavors of emotion in it; her smile. At that moment he wanted nothing more than to enfold her once again in his arms, but he was wise enough to realize that she might just expel him forcefully into one of the adjoining rooms.

A man had to know when not to do what he felt he had to do.

Ordaefus poured himself a measure of nectar. He brought the container to his lips, sipped, and held it so as not to spill as he lowered himself onto the floor before Sorhael.

“Truthfully, I hoped to draw him out,” he answered, setting down the container. He wielded a depression into the floor which firmly cradled the container without upsetting the energy-balance of the room. Meeting her eyes, he offered a shrug. “I took a chance.”


“I understand, Sorhael. I do. I placed myself in a dangerous situation, without protection.”

“And you didn’t inform me.” Her voice didn’t rise in volume, but emotion filled it. “If I had been informed of your destination, I would have been able to act if something happened. Why would you disallow me that?”

“To give him the chance to make a new choice,” he answered simply. “Or to hear again his opinion, his beliefs, and to try and understand them.” He broke eye contact and took up the container again, brought it up to his lips and paused. “And to stop him, if I could.” Voicing that intention sent a stab of pain through him. His hand trembled, nectar wetting his fingers. He sipped, set the container down once more. “I knew that he would have tried to hurt me by focusing on you, if you were there.”

“You know that,” she nodded, “yet you think he will treat you differently?”

Ordaefus didn’t have an answer for her, even though he wanted to be able to give her one. He didn’t know what his brother would do — too much time had passed since they had last seen each other, and Ordaefus knew Mahaelal now only through the tales that had spread since the Schism and reports from the cities as they had fallen.

He met Sorhael’s eyes again. “Perhaps it would be more honest of me to say that I hope to understand him. That I hope to be able to… reach him, somehow.”

A softness appeared on her face, her eyes crinkling at the corners. None of the Conflict Wielders under her command had ever seen that smile; she reserved it only for him. “That you are hopeful, Ordaefus, says much of who you are, and why I chose you for my mate.” She sighed. “But sometimes there comes a time when hope is dangerous, when it can no longer be allowed.” Sorhael reached out and laid a soft hand on shoulder. “Do you understand?”

He sighed. “I do.” He shook his head. “If this had been someone else, someone who had come to me for advice, I would be explaining to them just what you have been explaining to me.” He took up the container again, sipped the last of the nectar, set it back down. “I do know one thing for certain, though. We have to bring this conflict to an end. Before it engulfs us all.”


A Song of Sacrifice is now available to pre-order at Amazon, and also at iBooks, Kobo and Nook, so I hope you’ll check it out, as well as add the tale to your To-Be-Read Shelves on Goodreads! 🙂 The tale will be releasing on the 30th of September. 🙂

Feel free to share this post far and wide! 😉

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Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Link: A Song of Sacrifice – A Mahaelian Chronicle Tale

Song of Sac Master

I’m proud to reveal the cover for the second edition of ‘A Song of Sacrifice’! 🙂

The beginning of a conflict which will change two worlds…

When Ordaefus, Song Priest of the Elvayn, discovers that his people are capable of a new, incredible ability, his brother, Mahaelal, believes that this new way is wrong – an affront to the very foundations upon which the Elvayn built their civilization.

And when war breaks out, both brothers must make a choice – do they fight to protect what they believe in, or surrender, and exchange freedom for restriction?

What choice do they have left, when all choices lead to destruction and death?

As some of you may know, the first edition was released by Fox and Raven Publishing a couple of years ago, but when they closed down, the rights for the tale reverted back to me, and now I’ve finally self-published the tale. 🙂

It’s a prequel to ‘Betrayal’s Shadow’, taking place thousands of years before the events of the novel, but the cool thing is that you can read this either before or after reading the novel; either way, some cool things will be illuminated for you. 😉

Massive thanks to Johnnie Aucamp, who designed the cover for me – I’ve told him that he will very probably be getting a lot of attention after this! 😉

‘A Song of Sacrifice’ will publish on the 30th of September, so that gives you enough time to read it and Betrayal’s Shadow before book 2, Conviction’s Pain, is released. 🙂

Here are some of the important pre-order links:

US, UK, Canada, Australia

I’m really looking forward to releasing this tale into the wild- not least because I’ve got another Mahaelian Chronicle Tale on the way, too! 😉 Seriously, though, Song will give readers insight into the Elvayn, their world and their culture, and will also reveal a lot more of Mahaelal… 🙂

Thanks in advance for pre-ordering and sharing the news, you all rock! 🙂

Until next time,


This Twisted Earth and Ravenwood Quarterly

Hey everyone, hope you’re well. 🙂

This update is to inform you about the stories I’ve got coming out soon; two very different tales, but tales I’m proud of. 🙂

The first one is ‘Tokoloshe Tower‘, which will be published on the 1st of October (my birthday month, in case you were wondering…) in the shared-world anthology, This Twisted Earth, and it features a time-slapped guy in a very different Jo’burg, going up against creatures that were supposed to be myths… Check out the cool, pulp cover below and get those pre-orders in. 🙂

This Twisted Earth

Yep, that’s *the* Adrian Tchaikovsky. Damned proud to have a tale in the same book!

The Past flows into The Future. The Present is our constant home. But what if all that changed? If Time became tangled, history would be… havoc.

Welcome to This Twisted Earth.

A pulp-fuelled, shared-world anthology featuring brand new stories from Adrian Tchaikovsky (Shadows of the Apt), Jess Nevins (Encylopedia of Fantastic Victoriana), Mike Chinn (Swords Against the Millennium / Starblazer), and nine more talented tale-smiths. This volume also features a stash of bonus material from Dion Winton-Polak – the world devisor, editor, and lunatic in charge of this ambitious project.

Order your copies here.

The next story I’ve got coming out (and this’ll be very soon, folks; it’s literally hot off the printers) is ‘Stalker’, which will be published in the first issue of Ravenwood Quarterly. The brainchild of Travis Neisler (who is also, incidentally, the man who will be narrating the audiobook of Betrayal’s Shadow), Ravenwood Quarterly are “Purveyors of the Dark and Weird. Ravenwood Quarterly seeks to be the place to find the best and brightest…well…darkest voices in fiction and art.” In other words, just the kind of mag I like to be involved with. 🙂

Here’s the wonderfully creepy cover, and the Table of Contents for the first issue:


  • Matthew M. Bartlett – “The Terrible Old Friend”
  • Joseph Bouthiette, Jr. – “The Proud Will Be Abased”
  • Brian O’Connell – “My Mother’s Skin”
  • Brandon Barrows – “Christmas Eve in Arkham”
  • Peter Rawlik – “The Annotation of James Ingraham Host”
  • Christopher Ropes – “Cruel World”
  • Sam Gafford – “Inkspots”
  • Betty Rocksteady – “The Lonely Hearts Club”
  • Michael Faun – “Oraculorum Pythonissa”
  • Roger Keel – “The Shaft” and “Thou Shall Kill”
  • Alex S. Johnson – “The Pit and the Void”
  • Anthony Crowley – “Saturnalia”
  • Dave de Burgh – “Stalker”
  • John Paul Fitch – “The Black Parade”
  • Jordan Krall – “The Horizontal Masochist”
  • David-John Tyrer – Violation of Trust
  • Interviews with Scurvy Ink, Dynatox Ministries, Cadabra Records, and Dim Shores
  • Several reviews and articles to be announced.

For more info about Ravenwood Quarterly and upcoming issues, check out their website here.

Well, that’s it for now, folks. I’ll be back soon with (hopefully) more short story sale-announcements, the live pre-order link for a the prequel to Betrayal’s Shadow, and the cover for the second book, Conviction’s Pain. 🙂

Until then,